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Pride Mechanix and Design

  • Service Offering

    Services Offered:

    Pride Mechanix started in 2016 offering a simple cloud-based data capturing hardware/software combination. We have since evolved to a Machine Monitoring Rate (MMR) Integration, Process Flow (MES) Integration, and API Integration service provider. Whether you are looking for a full process automation solution or just wanting to automate some of your operations we can help!



    With 10 years experience as an industrial automation technician and being educated as a full stack developer, with an in-depth understanding of SQL Data Management we are uniquely qualified to supply you and your organization with machine monitoring data analytics and autonomous process flow integration solutions. Call us anytime to discuss your needs, we would love to help!



    Services are billed at an hourly rate, by instances, or subscription depending on the service chosen. We offer discounted rates for larger projects, please call for more detail.

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