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Your Supplies In Their Designs

& an automated office

With your supplies embedded in your customers' catalogs, you can't lose! Your customers self-serve, and those orders generate everything you need, automatically!
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"E-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.2 Trillion by the end of 2020. Even with complex cabinet supplies, you can be a part of it!" -Beau Lewis

In the past, selling cabinet supplies online

and scaling your office was difficult due to:

  • Having "too custom" of products
  • Complex pricing/discounts
  • Paperwork and data flow issues
  • Sales visits
  • Disconnect between customers
  • Design not connected to supply pricing
  • Too many variables
  • No standardized catalog
...until people from our industry built software for it!


Your customers design in 3D with your products
Shipping, payment, and details refined
Scheduling, Inventory, and paperwork
Data exported to other software
Picking and status tracking
Triggered updates and automation
Money collected and sent to bank


Choose a template

At sign up, you'll choose from one of our templates that will put you thousands of hours ahead of starting from scratch. Feel free to mess around with the demo sites to see which one fits best.


Account rep. assigned

We'll assign someone who is the right fit to your account. Your account rep. will be there to answer questions, recommend service providers, and make sure you're successful.

Delegate the work

The templates are a starting point, but there is still work to do to make it yours! If you don't have time to do it in-house, we have you covered. Our service providers are efficient and well worth the cost.

Launch your site

Turn on your sales channel and enjoy the growth while your clients become raving fans of your business!!!



Sales That Automate

Turn it on and watch it run your business for you, from anywhere.
Scale your office without additional staff.

Customers Design With Your Products

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  • Your Customers own a designer full of your products

  • Insert your products right from the design

  • Real-time rendering

  • Full custom catalogs

  • Appliances and full room simulation

  • VR, elevations, and saved views of your items

Your Products Inserted Into Their System

  • Insert your products into your customers' operations system

  • Their operations place automatic Purchase Orders

  • Effortless customer reordering

  • Reduces strain on your office

The Fastest Way To Collect Your Money

  • Online Payments

  • Payment reminders

  • Credit card controls

  • ACH E-check enabled

  • Collection system

  • Debt Protection

Customized Branding, Seamless Integration

  • Easy integration to your web site

  • Site customization

  • Custom domains

  • White-labeled

  • Seamless integrations

Re-sell Multiple Catalogs Effortlessly

  • Re-sell multiple catalogs with markups

  • Options and pricing update in real-time

  • Automatic ordering, drop shipping and logistics

  • Multiple configurations available

Quick And Simple Customer Service

  • Chat integration

  • Self-serve customer dashboards

  • Mobile updates

  • 24/7 access

Powerful Office Automation

  • Self-generating invoices, cut-lists, pick lists, labels, & more

  • Self-generating machine data exports

  • Integrations with other software

  • Triggered work flows

  • Customer updater

  • Communications tools

Effortless Employee Management 

  • Time tracking

  • Accountability tools

  • Task system

  • Productivity tracking

The New Way To Monitor Your Business

  • Powerful reporting

  • Dashboard integration

  • Access from anywhere

  • Mobile alerts

See a sample workflow:
Sample Cabinet shop Order Flow.png


First Month:

Sign up and get going immediately, with no long term commitment required.



We'll contact you in the first month to assess your needs, make a plan, and set a price everyone can agree on.




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*Discounts available for yearly contracts

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