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Who we are:

In July of 2022 the Allmoxy team collaboratively and formally documented the attributes and characteristics they would like in their coworkers as the company scaled to protect our company culture. The results are the following:


Since Allmoxy supports a remote work environment, team members are expected to be available, consistent, reliable, accountable, and self motivated.


Team members are expected to speak candidly, not hold grudges, not create cliques, and communicate openly, even to superiors. Hard conversations are expected and healthy.


Team members are active learners, curious, do not consider themselves “arrived”, and not only are able to take constructive criticism, but encourage it.


We value genuine people of all types who have good personalities and a sense of humor.


Allmoxy believes in iteration, and therefore values flexibility, patience, adaptability, and change. Creative solutions always trump status quo.

Allmoxy team members believe hard work creates fulfillment in life, we work hard and enjoy the fulfillment of building a product that is important to the world.


Each team member aligns themselves personally with Allmoxy’s goals and vision, especially the concept of using technology to build systems that allow humans to spend less time completing mundane tasks and stress so that they can spend more time doing things that make us human. Stress less, be more.

Allmoxy team members are intelligent and enjoy a competitive spirit, always prioritizing the innovation, growth, and progress of the company over individualistic triumphs.

If you fit these characteristics as a starting point, please check out our available opportunities.

Available opportunities:

Software Engineer

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