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The Beta Team

We need your help to create amazing software. The more eyes we have on this, the better! You'll have early acccess to features, and your input will be used to build Allmoxy.

Before you sign up for the beta team, Please make sure make sure you're aware of what that means.

Here's how it works. We have our development servers where we create new features. We test the new features internally, make adjustments, and push those changes to the beta users. The beta users are our group of trusted customers who take the first "real world" implementation of the new features. Sometimes an issue is found in beta and we rework it. As soon as the features are all proven, we push the beta version to everyone. 


Allmoxy looks for certain things in a beta customer. We want our beta users to be open-minded, forward thinking early adopters who can roll with the punches and don't get upset if an issue is found. We're looking for people who value the early adoption of a feature over the occasional bug and the headache to report that bug. 



We look to our beta team for insight, we listen to their ideas first, and our beta team gets a jump-start on everything new. Our beta team is a critical part of the conversation that drives the community forward. 

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