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New opportunity: Work from home Software QA tester/troubleshooter

Job Description

You will troubleshoot issues coming from various branches of the company, including the support team who will pass your solutions on to the customers. You will test new features and work with the development team in preparing new releases of the software. There is a possibility of growing from this position to a developer role.


  • Troubleshoot all kinds of questions about the software.

  • Perform QA for new features.

  • Help the dev team release new software.

  • Work with multiple branches of the company.


  • You do not necessarily need to be a developer, but some coding skills will help.

  • You need to have great troubleshooting skills.

  • You should possess the ability to quickly learn new software, apps, and all things internet and technology.

  • All kinds of tech previous experience will help.

Additional Information

We are a team of friends. We have a good time and it will be important that you can have a good time while getting a lot done. You can work from home or come to work in our cool Ogden office! We meet there as a team once a week (optional) to go to lunch and hang out.

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