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Catching up with Panhandle Door

Just North of Coeur d’Alene in the beautiful town of Naples, Idaho, Panhandle Door has been experiencing somewhat of a renaissance. Since Nelson Mast purchased the company in 2018, they have invested heavily in improvements and innovations that have led to more than 350% growth. We recently sat down to chat with Panhandle Door about the secrets of their success.

If we focus on doing what we do and doing it very well, our future will be bright for a very long time.

In this interview, CEO - Nelson imparts advice to new businesses, or those looking to scale their cabinet component business while sharing the products, implementations, and people that have most impacted their growth. Panhandle’s general manager, Aaron Miller, also joins us to share some incredible ideas and insights for improving employee culture and the enhanced finished product while reducing remakes and waste.

Give it a listen to gain insightful advice from one of the fastest-growing cabinet component manufacturers in the country!

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