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Technical Solutions Engineer

Position Summary:


The Technical Solutions Engineer is at the forefront of identifying, developing, and managing industry technical relationships. This role works closely with our industry partners (especially software) and customers to understand their needs and devise strategies for mutual growth and success.


Key Responsibilities:


Templates and Tools:

It is a fundamental responsibility of this role to develop and maintain internal templates and tools designed to facilitate the work of various departments within the organization. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Creation of demonstrative sites for internal or client-facing purposes

  • Development of clonable templates that can be customized to meet specific customer requirements

  • Design of tools aimed at enhancing the efficiency of service providers


The individual in this role is expected to engage in a continuous improvement process, which entails:

  • Identifying areas for enhancement in coordination with other departments

  • Collaboratively devising solutions to address identified needs

  • Implementing said solutions following best practices and organizational guidelines


Dev. Services:

When the services team needs more dev-centric tasks, you will assist in billable hours for dev services. 


API implementation:

As the lead strategist for our API utilization initiatives, you will play a crucial role in ensuring that our customers and partners fully leverage the functionalities of our API. You will be responsible for identifying potential implementation opportunities and developing effective adoption programs, driving the widespread usage of our solution.


Working in close collaboration with our developers, you'll oversee continuous improvement and expansion of our API to ensure that it meets industry needs. You will scope and deliver improvements to the development team. Your role will involve actively participating in client and partner meetings to manage ongoing API adoption, execute planned usage programs, and provide solutions to API-related issues.


Industry partner SOFTWARE relationships and integrations:

To retain our standing as "the shopping cart of the industry," it's crucial that we effectively integrate and remain impartial toward all major software players. This approach not only establishes our credibility but also ensures customers continue to regard us as the go-to option for their web-based solutions. By forging partnerships with software providers and integrating our offerings with theirs, we can deliver unmatched value to our customers, providing them with a comprehensive suite of tools that exceed their expectations.

Industry partner MACHINERY relationships and integrations:

At the core of our solution's viability to the industry lies in our effective integration and neutrality to major machinery manufacturers. Our partnerships with these providers facilitate learning from industry best practices and leveraging our partners' expertise to serve our customers better.

We're dedicated to always being relevant, adaptable, and in line with industry best practices. By teaming with these providers, we can create a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that empowers customers to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently than ever.


Misc. Development tasks:

From time to time the development team may call on you for various tasks.



  • PTO and Holiday(?)

  • Work from home, optional Ogden office

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