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John Canary sells Canary Closets & Cabinetry. Lessons & tips from his 30 years of experience.

Have a product line and stick with it. You can't be everything to everybody. Specialize and dominate that area of the market rather than spreading yourself too thin. Have a product with a system that is predictable, reliable, and accurate.

John Canary, Owner and Founder of Canary Closets & Cabinetry, has sold his business after more than 30 years in the cabinet and closet industry. John always knew that eventually the day to sell his business would come. In 2019, when he decided to begin the process, the business had found more success than he ever imagined. He had found fulfillment as an entrepreneur, and now, he was ready for more. To retire and live a life that brings him joy, however he sees fit.

We visited Canary Closets & Cabinetry in New Jersey to tour the shop and hear more about his experience. Come along with us by giving this video a watch, then read on to learn more experience and tips from John.

If you have had the privilege of working with John during his long standing career, you know his level of character is as high as that of his craftsmanship. With a big personality and detail-oriented design approach, he has found immense success in business. He keeps very few secrets of his growth safeguarded, and has generously allowed us the opportunity to share his story, while passing along some of his tried-and-true tips for succeeding and selling in the cabinet and closet industry.