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who-cares about supply management


Supply management is crucial to a profitable business.

After an order comes in, supplies are automatically counted, checked against current levels, listed, compared side by side, and ordered in just two clicks. When ordering is this effective, more time is spent on what matters, and money is saved in buying the right product. Start getting the most out of your vendors! Oh, and if you ever forget, you can order from your couch at night!


How to make money with supply management



1-Eliminate over purchasing supplies. Do you sometimes guess, then add some so that you don’t run out? That’s money on the shelves! How much does it cost you to have extra on your shelves?


2-Ensure you’re buying from the right supplier. Do you sometimes just buy from one supplier because you don’t know the others offer a product? Are you getting the best price out there? Is your current vendor pricing competitively?


3-Stabilize cashflow by eliminating surprises. Do your suppliers ever raise prices without notifying you?


4-Cut wages for managing supplies. Supplies management can easily eat up labor. How much do you pay your people to track down, order, inventory, and talk about supplies?


Supply management featuresNote: this feature list is guaranteed to be out-dated. We’re constantly creating!
  1. Quick access toolbar to check in/out supplies in 3 clicks
  2. Customizable, sortable, and searchable supplies catalog
  3. Quickly find supplies with filters and plenty of check options
  4. Easily arrange supplies in order to be sold to your customers
  5. Multiple location based inventory, facilitates tracking the same supply in different locations
  6. Exportable supply lists for quick studies
  7. Tag supplies for quick groupings and advanced searches
  8. Image supported supplies for quick recognition
  9. Automatic check out based on global or per supply settings
  10. Supply tracking per product allows automatic allocation on customer order
  11. Vendor side by side part number and price per supply allows easy comparison at order
  12. Preferred vendor selection allows managers to choose vendor despite other influences
  13. Easy quick view supplies page shows needed, on order, and quick check out/check supplies
  14. 2 Click supplies ordering with vendor side by side comparison
  15. Manual order sheet provides phone number, email, part number, price, and preferred vendor at order for quick ordering
  16. Email ordering creates a detailed list to validate vendor pricing, acting as an auditing system
  17. Easy check in of received supplies with partial quantity reception supported

FAQ about supply management



So how do I order from my suppliers? You can do it one of a few ways, depending on how is best for you. You can simply call or fax them an order the old way, and use the system to do everything except the ordering. You can use the email button to send the supplier an email, or you can press order and if you’re linked to them, they’ll receive the order through their system.


What if I don’t want all my employees seeing my supplies? No problem, just don’t give them permission to see!


Can I order from anywhere? Yes! Anywhere you have internet access, that is.


What if I don’t buy my supplies based solely on price? Smart, price is only part of the picture. You’ll be able to see how fast products arrived, partial shipments, availability, and more! The system doesn’t just choose the lowest price, it lets you consider all factors and lets you decide.