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A thousand good decisions… It takes one good decision after another to build a strong business. It takes a good gut and good information to make the right decisions at the right time. With reports in one spot, and your important data accessible from anywhere, you’ve got everything you need to excel! Inform yourself to lead with confidence!


How to make money with reports



1-Use awareness to be more profitable. What was your incoming sales today? How much did you produce today? Who owes you money past 60 days? Did your best customer sales increase or decrease from last month? How much in supplies do you have on your shelves? Where do you deliver to the most? How much did you pay in wages last week? What product did you sell the most of last week?


reports features

Note: this feature list is guaranteed to be out-dated. We’re constantly creating!

Related features:

  1. Actuals tab reports the supplies and labor cost per order
  2. Each report can be exported to other software for deeper analysis

Available reports:

  1. Customer aging
  2. Announcement summary
  3. Current inventory
  4. Delivery report
  5. Employee productivity
  6. inventory usage
  7. Invoice summary
  8. Order results comparison
  9. Process details
  10. Projection
  11. Production report
  12. Purchase order history
  13. Received supplies
  14. Sales by attribute
  15. Sales by customer
  16. Sales by export class
  17. Sales by product
  18. Status history
  19. Status volume
  20. Supplies in use
  21. Transaction summary
  22. Work schedule
  23. Work summary

reports FAQ



Can I really see exactly what came in today? Yes, and it’s insanely addicting.


What if I only track on a per week or month basis? Reports have date pickers, so you can look at whatever periods you’d like.


Are these reports accurate? Yes. Since they don’t involve you manually inputting information, they’re probably more accurate than you’re used to.


I don’t see something I’d want, can I custom create reports? Yes. By the time you read this, there are probably several more in the app. You’ll get the reports you need.