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Employees are a big expense, so be wise. Employee management (time tracking, productivity tracking, etc.) are essential for your success. With everything in one spot, it’s easy to see what’s going on.


how to make money with employee management



1-Eliminate wasteful employees. How much have you wasted on people who don’t pull their weight?


2-Identify patterns that improve the culture and processes. Have you ever wished you could see the whole employee management picture clearly?


employee management features
Note: this feature list is guaranteed to be out-dated. We’re constantly creating!
  1. Time card clocking in and out, with visual graphing and week total output
  2. Permission based time clock editing
  3. Payroll reporting from time clock entries for completing payroll quickly
  4. Payroll reporting with date filtering, sortable by hours, wage rates, and pay, enable employee comparisons
  5. Employee process time tracking for tracking times to specific process and orders
  6. Quick 3 click time tracker accessible from the pop out toolbar
  7. Time tracker tracks the date, employee, order, process, and time All logged and filed for productivity reporting
  8. Visual click time tracking makes time tracking very quick, using a recent history and autocomplete
  9. Time tracking modules automatically update built in order statuses for real time order status tracking from the company and order pages
  10. Track time in real time, in intervals, or in batches at the end of the day with flexibility to fit your needs

FAQ about employee management



How long does it take an employee to track time to an order? It takes about 10 seconds.


Can I see what everyone is working on in real time? Yes! It’s pretty sweet, you can see what they’re working on, and for how long, from anywhere!